Property and Real Estate Construction Quality is vital due to the high risk of Earthquakes in Turkey. (Earthquake, Gölcük, near Istanbul in 1999)

Below you can see a couple of pictures, taken in December 2007 in a City in Turkey, which show low quality construction. These kind of Properties are at high risk during an Earthquake.

These concrete pillars have not been vibrated during concrete pour. So in a case of Earthquake the stamina of this building is reduced by about 30%.

  • We recommend that you look at the construction site when it is built.
    • It is of advantage if you take Pictures of the Rawbuilding etc. In case you have to sell the Property one day, the purchaser is for sure pleased to get some Pictures etc.
  • If the building you want to buy is already finished, try to get some pictures which have been taken during the time of construction.
  • As mentioned above, you may look at a wonderful flat or house, but if the quality of the raw building is low, an Earthquake is going to damage your dream house or flat.
  • Check also the map about the earthquake risk in the regions in Turkey. Click on this link:
  • Just to set it right, if the construction quality is fine, there is nothing against the step of buying Real Estate and Property in the Earthquake Regions.

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