Information on Taxes, Payments and Insurance with Real Estate and Property:

  1. Annual property tax, environment tax and tax for the protection of culture and natural creations are payable to the Municipality.
  2. These taxes are payable in two instalments:
    • The first between March and May.
    • The second in November.
  3. The yearly House-Owner-Tax or Groundtax amounts 0,1% of the Property-Value.
    (Property-Value can be found on the "Tapu")
  4. The Waste-Tax amounts about 10 - 15 Euro per Year.
    (depends on the Exchange-Rate)
  5. Compulsory earthquake insurance which, by law, is to be renewed each year.
    • Note: This insurance by Law covers just a small amount of the value of your Real Estate. Therefore we recommend that you insure the remaining part of value of your Real Estate, which is not covered by the Turkish State's insurance, by a private insurance. So in a case of Earthquake and loss of the whole Building you are getting back all the money which you invested into your Real Estate.
  6. If the Real Estate is in the form of a building which is located on an Estate or in an apartment building, monthly fees are payable in accordance with the management plan.

  7. Taxes regarding renting out Properties, Sell Properties etc.:
  8. If you rent out a part or all of your property you will have to pay income Tax of 20%.
  9. In case you are going to sell your property during the first 4 years after you bought the property you will have to pay 20% capital gains tax locally.
    • If you sell the property after 4 years, you are not under Tax obligation. All the profit is yours.

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