Checklist to assess your dream House or Flat:

  1. Do not let anyone persuade you to buy anything.
  2. Do not stress, don't be quick to buy anything even if the price is so inviting.
  3. Assess costs:
    • your Budget, which means the total money you want to spend.
    • Reckon up costs to buy the Real Estate or Property:
      • Total price of the Property incl. Tax and Real Estate Agent / Solicitor charges.
        • The Real Estate Agent charges usually 3% of the Value of the Property.
        • A 3% Tax for the Value of the Property.
        • About 400 Euro for different costs (Official Translator, Application to the Military etc.)
        • Ca. 140 Euro for new Waterapplication/Connection.
        • Ca. 90 Euro for new Electricity Connection.
      • Check whether there are any existing Depts on the Real Estate?
      • Does the House or Flat belong to a construction consortium or kind of cooperative to which the current owner has depts?
      • If you are speaking to a privat person, ask whether there is only one owner or a community of heirs who have to agree to the sale of the Real Estate.
      • Check on unpaid water and electricity bills.
      • Cost of renovating the Property
      • Cost of maintaining/maintenance of the Property
  4. Are there any legal restrictions on the Property that you would not be able to build or life as you wish?
  5. Have you asked for Pictures taken during construction which show the Quality of the Rawbuilding?
  6. If the building is totally new built, make sure that the title deed has already been issued by the Land registry.
    • Make sure that you have the original "Tapu Senedi" or "Title Deed" in your hands or make sure that it exists.

      Unfortunately some Europeans have been accepting a copy of a title deed and payed some money in advance to the person who wanted to sell the Property. Some problems came up and no money, no title deed has ever handed over or payed back. To the surprise of the buyer, several others have also payed quit some money for the same copy of title deed.
    • That is why we strongly recommend that you buy only through or with the help of an official Solicitor. These Solicitors have the official permission from the Turkish State and Municipality. They also belong to the local Association of Solicitors. The Certificates usually can be seen in the Solicitors Offices.
  7. Check the accessibility of your Property:
    • How far is the next Doctor or Hospital?
    • Is the Municipality close by? Or do you have to travel a lot, having to take several rides by "Dolmush" to pay the water/electricity or tax bill? Also mind the Summer temperatures of up to 40 degrees when you have to travel.
    • Is the next Supermarket next Door or 10 miles away?
    • In case there is a nice green area around the Property?
      • Check whether there can be built upon or not. In case the owner can build a house you may loose your nice view.
    • Check your "dream House or Flat" during all four Seasons regarding:
      • Traffic noise
      • Noise of Entertainment
        (During the main season Bars, Discos etc. have open till 03:00 o'clock or even later)
      • Neighbours
        (Noisy, Dominant, knowing all better all the time etc.)
      • Humidity/Fungus in the House
        (Walls in the Rooms, the inside of Kitchen cabinets etc.)
      • Water around or in the House during the rainy Season?
        (Groundwater level may affect the cellar walls, even fill up the cellar)
      • Transportation to and from the Center
        (Check regarding all seasons)
    • Is it near to the airport or is there a Shuttle bus? Maybe you have to take an expensive Taxi every time you want to travel?
  8. Ask other People in the Area about all your questions and doubts, especially foreigners who have been to the region for years.

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